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Melocactus caesius

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Melocactus caesius

Melocactus caesius

(This plant comes in a 3.5 inch pot. All of our plants are grown under the same conditions, although not all the plants are the same. You will receive a similar plant in size and shape to the ones in the pictures. Our plants are hand-picked and carefully selected to bring you the best quality possible. Please allow us up to 3 business days to process your order. If you wish to receive your order on a specific date, or have special instructions, please add a note at the checkout . The plant is shipped in its pot to prevent any damage to the roots).

Melocactus caesius

Flowers: dark purple to light pink
Blooming season: spring to summer, the flowers open late in the afternoon.
Cultivation and propagation: It grows from April to October, it can’t endure long stretches of total dryness, and also too much water will rot it, as its weak root systems tends to be inefficient at sucking up water from wet soil. Nonetheless, again as a result of their tropical origins, they need a fair amount of water, but allow the soil to dry quite a bit before watering again.
Melocactus caesius rests from October to April but can’t stand cold, or even fairly cool temperatures, so it is indispensable to keep it above 8-12°C at all times. The root system is weak and generally resents being repotted and can take a long time to re-establish. The soil mix should be very quick draining, prefers very bright light.

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Description: The Melocactus caesius is usually solitary and is now often considered as a subspecies of Melocactus curvispinus. The plants shows a considerable variation especially in the number of ribs.
Stem: Depressed globular to oval and often narrowed above, bluish green or greyish green, up to 27 cm in diameter and up to 20(-30) cm tall.
Ribs: 10 to 15 ribs, prominent, deeply furrowed , sharp 2 cm high.
Areoles: Circular, white-wooly about 2-3 cm aprt, slightly sunken in the notches.
Spines: Horn coloured. Radial spines about 6-8 (rarely more), spreading and one central spine similar to the radials, erect, (often missing), about 20 mm long.
Cephalium: Relatively small, broad and low, 3 to 4 cm tall and 7 to 11 cm in diameter whitish-woolly with long reddish-brown bristles, broader than the plants apex.
Flowers: From the cephalium, dark purple to light pink, 18 to 43 mm long and 10 to 25 mm in diameter.
Blooming season: spring to summer open late in the afternoon.
Fruit: Club-shaped to obovoid, dark-pink to wine-coloured slightly lighter at the base up to 3 cm long, 1-1,5 cm thick. Edible.

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Melon Cactus, Turk’s Cap, Gray Melon-cactus
SPANISH (Español): Viznaga de Dulce, Buche, Melón, Boche de Borro, Pichigüei


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This product will be hand delivered to your doorstep.

The image is for reference only.

Please take out the plant from the box immediately after receiving and water it as required.

Water the soil, not the leaves and flowers.

Keep it away from direct sunlight.
Avoid placing plants in trouble spots, such as near heat or air conditioning ducts.

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