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Plant Name- Aloe Vera
Plant Type- Medicinal Plant
Plant Placement- Indoor & Outdoor Both

Aloe Vera New Plants Trivia

Aloe Vera New Plant is a multipurpose plant.
that benefits health and skin in many ways.
It is also found in many cosmetics, skin lotions, and ointments.

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What makes it special

Low maintenance plant.
Best for sunny windows.
Hardy nature with an attractive look.
Popular house plant with medicinal values.

Aloe Vera is a core ingredient in various skincare, haircare, and digestion-related products. It ensures the flow of prosperity, happiness in your house, and also emits oxygen.

  1. Prepare your plant. Remove the aloe vera plant from its current pot and brush away any excess dirt from the roots, being careful not to damage the roots.
    • If your plant has any pups, remove them now. (See the “Care” section of this page for instructions on removing and potting pups.)
    • If your plant has a very long, spindly stem that won’t fit in the pot, it is possible to trim the stem off partially. Note that this is risky and0 could kill the plant. To trim the stem: Cut off part of the stem, leaving as much as possible on the plant. Next, take the bare plant and place it in a warm area that gets indirect light. After several days, a callous will form over the wound. At this point, continue with the repotting instructions below.

What Vastu SaysKeep the plant in north or east direction for positivity and warding off negative energy.

Please Note

This product will be hand delivered to your doorstep.

The image is for reference only.

Please take out the plant from the box immediately after receiving and water it as required.
Water the soil, not the leaves and flowers.
Keep it away from direct sunlight.

Avoid placing plants in trouble spots, such as near heat or air conditioning ducts.

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